music by contemporary classical music composer Joe St.Johanser.

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Year of Composition Title Poems/Libretto Genre Forces/Instrumentation Duration Click to Listen and for Sheet Music Sales
1999'3 songs of Norman MacCaig'setting 3 poems by Norman MacCaigSong Cyclesoprano, pno.9'00 Op. 1
2000 Interlude for Four Flutes Instrumental Chamber work 4 fl. and percussion (chimes played by flautists) 3'00 Op. 2
2000 'Burma Star' poem by Phil CarradiceArt Song baritone, pno.4'00 Op. 3
2001 'Serially at Sea' a setting of 'The Beaufort Scale for Weather at Sea'Art Songbaritone, piano 4'00 Op. 4
2002 'The Year of The Green Parrots' 11 poems of Jane Wyatt Chamber work - Song Cycle 3 sopranos/mezzos and chamber orchestra of 7 players fl.(alto), bass cl., stg qt., pno. 50'00 Op. 5
2002 'Bird Parade' 6 short poems of Norman MacCaig Song Cyclesoprano, pno. 9'00 Op. 6
2002 'SPEM' or 'The School for Negentropy'libretto by Joe St.Johanser after Wm. Shakespeare. Opera Buffa in 2 Acts 7 principals, SATB chorus and 15 piece orchestra - 2 fl.(alto), ob., bass cl., ten.sax., tpt., 2 hrn., 2 tbne., pno., 1 perc. (timp., marimba, glock., chimes), 2 celli., DB. 120'00 Op. 7
2003 'Venus and Adonis' arrangements from 'SPEM' setting poem by Wm. Shakespeare Masque as required 35'00 Op. 8
2003 'The Rose Red Chain' arrangement from 'SPEM' poem by Wm. Shakespeare Art Song soprano, pno. 12'00 Op. 9
2004 'Ode to Galileo' libretto by Joe St.JohanserCantata/Oratorio 6 principals, SATB chorus and piano 35'00 Op.10
2004 'Pierrot Alone' 3 poems by John Drinkwater Chamber work - Song Cycle soprano, mezzo, baritone and chamber group of 8 instruments fl., ob., bsn.(contra), hrp., stg.qt. 12'00 Op.11
2004 'Nude in a Fountain' poem by Norman MacCaig Art Song soprano, pno. 4'00 Op12
2005 'The Tempest' libretto by Joe St.Johanser after Wm Shakespeare Grand Opera in 5 Acts 8 principals, 4 comprimarios, SATB chorus and 16 piece orchestra 160'00 Op.13
2006 'Goblin Fruit' poem by Christina RossettiBallet dancers plus 2 sopranos as principals plus SATB chorus and an orchestra of 16 instruments 37'00 Op.14
2006 'Farm Walk' poem by Christina RossettiArt Song baritone, pno.7'00 Op.15
2006 'Raven' poem by Christina Rossetti Ballet dancers plus soprano, mezzo, baritone and 8 piece chamber orchestra (fl., ob., bsn.(contra), hrp., stg.qt.) 16'00 Op.16
2007 '3 Sad Songs of Christina Rossetti' 3 poems by Christina RossettiChamber work - Song Cycle soprano/mezzo, cello, pno. 10'00 Op.17
2008 'Through The Looking Glass' libretto by Joe St.Johanser after Lewis Carroll Opera Buffa in 2 Acts 8 Principals, and 16 piece orchestra 120'00 Op.18
2009 '3 Jovial Songs of Christina Rossetti' 3 poems by Christina RossettiArt Songs soprano/mezzo/baritone, pno. 9'00 Op.19
2009 'Invisible Mother' poem by Joe St.JohanserChamber work - Art song mezzo, fl., pno. 4'00 Op.20
2009 'Home Thoughts' 3 poems by Robert BrowningChamber work - Art song several arrangements - baritone, pno. or chamber group (2 fl. ob. harp) (fl. h2 hrns. stg qt.) 10'00 Op.21
2010 'Space Opera - The Musical' libretto by Joe St.Johanser after Jack Vance Opera Buffa in 5 Acts 6 principals(mezzo, 2 sops., 2 baritone, bass), 6 comprimarios, SATB chorus and 16 piece orchestra170'00 Op.22
2011 '2 Lullabies of Christina Rossetti' 2 poems by Christina Rossetti Song Cycle soprano, vla. 6'00 Op.23
2014 'Clarges' libretto by Joe St.Johanser after Jack Vance Grand Opera in 5 Acts 3 principals (sop., mezzo, baritone), 6 comprimarios, SATB chorus and 16 piece orchestra180'00 Op.24
2014 'The Rose Red Chain' setting of the Shakespeare poem 'Venus and Adonis'Chamber work Mezzo-soprano and 8 piece orchestra (fl., ob., bsn. (contra), harp, stg.qt.)22'00 Op.25
2015 'The Mandarin's Dilemma' Musical black comedy - book and lyrics by Joe St.JohanserMusical in 2 Acts 3 principals (sop., mezzo, baritone), 6 comprimarios, chorus and dancers and 9 piece orchestra (fl., ob., bsn., tpt., tbne., pno., vln., cello, DB.)150'00 Op.26
2015 'Contemporary Art Songs' 27 Art Songs setting poems by Norman MacCaig, Christina Rossetti, Jack Vance, Lewis Carroll, John Drinkwater, Jane Wyatt, Wm. Shakespeare, Joe St.JohanserArt Songs Voice and Piano130'00 Op.27
2016 '3 More Songs of Norman MacCaig' 3 Art Songs setting poems by Norman MacCaig. Art Songs Voice and Piano11'00 Op.28
2016 '4 Short Songs for Children' 4 easy songs setting poems by R L Stevenson, Amy Lowell, Christina Rossetti, Lewis Carroll. Art Songs Voice and Piano5'00 Op.29